BC: Update On Vancouver’s Push To Close Pot Shops


Vancouver – It’s not hard to find pot shops in just about every part of Vancouver, but why are there so many still operating without a proper business license? We’re taking a look at the legal process the city is using to force them to shut down and why it’s taking so long for them to close up shop.

Currently, there are 54 marijuana dispensaries still doing business without a license across the city, with daily fines issued since May 1st. The city’s Chief License Inspector Andreea Toma explains they have filed court injunctions against 27 of them so far with more to come and she adds it’s all part of a process.

“As part of the injunction we name the store operator as well as the property owner and some of the property owners weren’t even aware that this was happening, so they said, ‘Can you give me 30 days and I’ll make sure the business is no longer operating on my property.”

She adds some of those landlords have been quick to avoid the legal hassle and give notice to their tenants – others have been more supportive. “They want to have their day in court, so again, everybody has got their rights – this is what the system and what the process does. It’s working.”

Toma says out of all the applications, 15 development permits have been issued to pot dispensaries in Vancouver, while another 20 are under review.

Four pot shops have been successful in getting an actual Vancouver business license so far.

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