Cannabis Improves Quality Of Life


Cannabis has never killed a single person, ever. Right now the most dangerous thing about Cannabis is being caught with it. Anyone who says different has quite obviously never done a single bit of scientific research and is instead subjecting the population to their own, flawed opinion. I would issue this challenge: Please find one, peer reviewed scientific paper showing a negative health impact from Cannabis use. Now compare your findings to the thousands of peer reviewed papers showing the benefits. I could simply rest my case on this merit alone, but instead I will outline a small portion of what you will find.

In states that have legalized Cannabis for medical use we find an almost twenty-five percent drop in deaths related to opiate overdose. That is a staggeringly significant statistic. In an age where prescription overdose deaths are at an all time high, finding a way to save a quarter of those individuals seems like a no brainer. Not to mention their improved quality of life and the hundreds if not thousands of families saved.

If saving human life is not important, maybe you care more about money? Legal Medical Cannabis saved tax payers an estimated $165 million dollars in 2013, with a projected savings of over $470 million if legalized nationwide. Plus, in states like Colorado and Washington we see the tax money raised from Cannabis sales going back into the community, enriching it, not destroying it. In 2015 alone, Colorado gave $35 million to their education infrastructure, why are we fighting this again?

What about the kids??? We have to save our babies from the dangers of this terrible drug. Well, a recent study by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment shows that teen use actually fell after implementation of a legal Cannabis market, not the opposite as our fear-mongering opponents would have you believe. If we truly cared about our youth we would create a safe and regulated market, not continue to create and enforce unjust laws so that those same youth can end up in prison.

Lastly, and I think most important, I would like to direct your attention to my first sentence. This plant has never, in the history of its recorded existence, killed anyone. In fact, the list of ailments it cures or manages is growing by the day. You would deny a child a seizure free day because of your cognitive dissonance? You would rather a cancer patient die of malnutrition than have safe access to a medicinal plant? Cannabis has been shown to support over 100 different cellular functions within our body while having nearly zero negative side effects. Please point me to any bottle at your local drug store that can make the same claim.

We the people have spoken. We are tired of wasting our time and money on a useless war against peaceful citizens. Every day that we continue to deny people the right to improve their quality of life is a crime against humanity.

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