Valley Company Creates New ‘Cannabis For Pets’ Product


Phoenix – Pets are family, and a lot of people would do anything to keep them happy and healthy. One local company thinks that might include using marijuana derivatives.

For dogs with arthritis or anxiety, a company in Deer Valley called CBD Unlimited has created a new alternative medication.

Mixed inside their new peanut butter flavored chews, is the crystallized cannabidiol, or CBD. The main ingredient exists in marijuana. Right now they’re getting it from the plant’s cousin hemp.

“There’s no psychoactive properties to it, but it hits the same receptor sites that THC from marijuana does as well,” said Todd Davis, the company’s CEO.

Davis says CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.

“They sleep better, during the day they’re more relaxed and they don’t bark as often,” said Davis.

Dog owners already taking interest. Their product just launched this week. It has already sold out.

“It’s more natural than most of the stuff a doctor would give you, or over-the-counter, right? So maybe there are some good things that could come of it,” said dog owner O’Shea Tometi.

“I would ask the veterinarian his option, and if he agrees with it then certainly I would, and if he didn’t I would get two or three opinions,” said dog owner J.R. Bloom.

The main ingredient is not yet FDA approved for people or pets.

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