MI: Legislature Poised To Approve Medical Marijuana Regulations


Lansing, Mich. – A new regulatory structure for medical marijuana is approaching the Michigan House for final approval.

Marijuana for medical use was legalized by voters in 2008.

Since then, however, there have been conflicts in the courts; particularly about the legality of establishments where patients can purchase it, and whether non-smokable forms are legal.

Legislation up for a vote Tuesday in the Republican-controlled House would create a tiered regulatory system.
A state license would be required to grow, process, sell, transport and test marijuana.

Dispensaries would pay a 3 percent tax on their gross retail income.

Allowable marijuana could include infused, non-smokable forms such as lotions and edible products.

More than 211,000 qualifying patients now grow their own marijuana plants or obtain the drug from nearly 37,000 registered caregivers under the 2008 law.

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