OH: Board Of Health Defers Action On Medical Marijuana Policy


St. Clairsville – The Belmont County Board of Health deferred action Monday on a county policy that prohibits employees’ use of medical marijuana.

Robert Sproul, deputy health commissioner, circulated a memorandum concerning the Belmont County Board of Commissioners’ ban on employees being under the influence of medical marijuana while at work.

Sproul asked health board members if they wanted to change the health department’s personnel policy to address this issue. After a brief discussion, President Joel Braido suggested the board look at the policy at next month’s meeting.

The commission’s personnel policy manual’s drug policy states: “The County has a zero tolerance policy for employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work. Employees who are using medical marijuana as authorized by Ohio law are not exempt from this policy in any way. The use of marijuana in any form for any purpose, authorized for medicinal purposes or unauthorized, will be treated the same as the use of all other Schedule 1 controlled substances, illegal drugs or the abuse of legal drugs. Employees using Schedule 1 controlled substances or illegal drugs, including medical marijuana authorized by and in accordance with Ohio law, are still subject to all provisions of this policy and may be subject to discipline including termination for such use.”

Sproul said the legality of banning medical marijuana as prescribed by physicians to treat medical conditions will be an issue for lawyers to resolve. He noted Ohio is still a few years away from full implementation of its new medical marijuana law.

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