CA: Prop 64 – Where Would Pot Shops Be Allowed?


San Diego – The smoke hasn’t cleared on every detail of prop 64, which would legalize recreational sales of marijuana in the state, despite 65 pages of regulation. Some of what isn’t entirely spelled out is where exactly recreational marijuana can be sold.

The initiative would ban it at places that sell alcohol or tobacco. It would also be off limits within 600 feet of schools, day care or youth centers.

Those who wrote the proposed legislation didn’t put in too many restrictions for a reason, so each city could add its own.

“Each city is going to have to decide if it’s wants to deal with recreational marijuana, one option is to open no dispensaries, no retail presence at all. Another option is to allow cultivation in your city,” said 5th District City Councilman Mark Kersey.

If the regulations San Diego put in place for medical marijuana dispensaries are any indication, the regulations would be even more stringent than those spelled out by the state.

“Right now city regulations are stronger than what is spelled out in prop 64,” said Kersey. “I suspect whatever the council decides to do in the future we will be mindful to keep these away from children.”

The city already restricts dispensaries within 1,000 feet of a public park, church, child care center, playground or minor-oriented facility. They’re also banned within 100 feet of residential zones.

Other cities in the county are already deciding how they will treat recreational pot. Escondido, National City and Oceanside are showing indications they would ban pot shops.

But even if cities ban retail sales, they can’t restrict one item in the provision that would allow anyone over the age of 21 to grow their own marijuana, up to 6 plants, in their own homes.

Prop 64 will be on the Nov. 8 ballot.

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