MI: Medical Marijuana Vote On Hold For One Day


Lansing, Mich – The Michigan House is expected to approve the regulation of medical marijuana this week but the sponsor says one change will be made in the Senate-passed package.

Last week on a strong bi-partisan vote, the State Senate said “yes” to slapping stringent controls on the growing, testing, shipping and marketing of medical pot.

The Michigan House is expected to adopt the package this week but the House sponsor wants to make one change.

He wants to impose a two year residency requirement on anyone who wants to get in on the medical pot industry. “The purpose of that is to prevent states like California where they’ve been in this business from coming into Michigan and taking the industry away from our home grown folks,” explains Rep. Mike Callton.

There is a potential 11th hour glitch however.

Four sheriffs in southeast Michigan are thinking about asking the governor to veto the package because it allows convicted felons to get a medical marijuana license.

Rep. Kurt Heise, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, says they had their change to change this measure.

“It’s been well vetted. They had a chance to weight in and their side across,” said Rep. Heise. “Overall it’s a good package. We have to provide some direction for the state of Michigan medical marijuana law.”

Sponsor Rep. Mike Callton says the local sheriffs have gone rogue. “They are acting outside of their organization, maybe for political reasons. The sheriffs association, we had them onboard early on.”

The House was set to vote on this today but the death of a member means the vote will likely come tomorrow.

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