CA: Council Decides Against Regulating Marijuana Delivery


The Livermore City Council decided not to regulate the delivery of medical marijuana to patients in Livermore.
The council asked for information on a potential ordinance to set rules for a dispensary.

Currently, deliveries are made from dispensaries outside the city. The council had asked for information on setting up regulations regarding delivery service.

With two measure on the November ballot that deal with the use of marijuana, the council determined that it would be best to wait until after the vote to consider any type of regulations for either delivery or a dispensary.

However, the council will be receiving information in October concerning zoning options for a potential dispensary. Staff will also prepare the beginnings of regulations to cover operations of a dispensary later in the year, not an ordinance. Any ordinance would depend on what happens at the state level, according to City Manager Marc Roberts.

The council heard from audience members and one councilmember concerning the benefits of the use of medical marijuana. Speakers asked that the council allow delivery to continue and to look at establishing a dispensary within the city that would allow for patients to safely obtain what they need.

After the public spoke, Councilmember Laureen Turner asked one of the speakers to stand. “Meet my delivery person. I am a patient of Adam’s and have been for 18 months. My physician recommended I use marijuana. Adam spent time with me on the use. My symptoms are gone. I am pain free.”

She added, “I am a nurse. I have seen that the drug save lives. In the case of those who cannot be saved, it allows them to be comfortable while they leave this planet. They are at home surrounded by those who love them. I do not support regulating delivery.” Turner added that she would like a discussion to take place regarding safe, small local dispensaries that serve Livermore in a way that the police chief is happy with.

Councilmember Steven Spedowfski said the council was talking about deliveries, because there were no regulations. The goal was to make delivery safe. “If there are no problems with deliveries, I’m not in favor of adding more regulations, particularly since we don’t know what the landscape will look like in 60 days.”

Spedowfski expressed willingness to have a conversation regarding a dispensary.

Councilmember Stewart Gary said of a delivery ordinance, “Silence on that is best.” He was interested in looking at regulations regarding a small dispensary that would be a local business; perhaps grow its own supply in Livermore. That would assure that people know where the marijuana came from.

Mayor John Marchand said people can have medical marijuana delivered. With regard to a dispensary, he would look at zoning, but would wait on any ordinance until the state establishes rules.

Councilmember Bob Woerner agreed it was best to wait on any regulations until we see what happens at the state level.

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