Justin Trudeau Spending Government Money To Finally Make Marijuana Legal In Canada


As you may remember, one of the big talking points during the last election was Trudeau’s promise to legalize marijuana.

Then the Liberals actually got elected and the process began.

The first step was taken when Trudeau sent a Mandate Letter to Canada’s health minister.

In it, Trudeau expressed his desire for the minister to begin working on efforts that will lead to the eventual legalization and regulation of marijuana.

Then everything went quiet until April 20th (yup, 4:20) when the health Minister announced at a special UN assembly that Canada was going to be legalizing Marijuana.

The plan is meant to keep money out of the hand of criminals which will also help to keep marijuana away from children.

There is even a special government funded task force that has been created to evaluate every aspect of the impact of legalization. They will also look at how Marijuana wold be produced, handled and sold once it is legal.

So the government is already spending money to legalize pot.

And now they started spending even more.

We spotted this article on Facebook a few days ago and we noticed that it was a sponsored post from the Liberal Party, meaning they’re still spending legalizing pot.

It was reposted a few times including on Justin Trudeau’s Facebook page.

The article links to a petition on the actual Liberal Party’s website to legalize Marijuana in Canada.

The more support they receive the easier it will be to push new marijuana legislation. So if you want to see pot legalized in your lifetime, make sure to show your support today.

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