PA: Medical Marijuana Complex Proposed For Site Near Corry


A site near Corry could be the first location in our area where medical marijuana is grown.

A team of investors met with Corry community leaders this week to outline their plans to spend $10 million to build a facility on vacant land in Wayne Township, in the Corry Industrial Park.

The 100,000 square foot facility would grow the pot plants to get oils used for medicinal purposes.

It would mean about $100,000 in additional property taxes, plus new jobs.

Corry Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Rick Novotny said, “The jobs are not minimum wage jobs. They are talking about a $2.5 million payroll for an average of 35 employees. So they are paying decent wages.”

Corry Area School District Superintendent Bill Nichols said, “It is going to happen somewhere in Erie County and our community could certainly benefit from some of the things they are going to bring to our area.”

The investors must get a license from the state before the project can move forward.

About 25 growing licenses are expected to be awarded statewide

The investors say they plan to hold a hearing soon to answer questions from the general public.

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