BC: Marijuana Convention Comes To Vancouver


Vancouver – A pot expo is taking over the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre this weekend – but it won’t be like the controversial 420 rallies. Marijuana is entering the mainstream ahead of next year’s federal legalization.

Over 130 marijuana-related businesses and more than 10,000 people are expected to attend this weekend’s “Lift Cannabis Expo.”

Local pot activist Jodie Emery says people attending for the first time might be surprised with what they find. “We don’t just have activist and grassroots businesses. There is also a very big corporate interest and a business angle that is coming up in Canada and the US and wherever legalization is offered.”

Emery notes it’s not just a bunch of young potheads looking to buy weed anymore. “There are many people in their senior years, there are families who bring out kids because cannabis isn’t just about pot smoke anymore, it is business related to hemp, to travel and all sorts of other opportunities.”

Exhibitors include health-care professionals and entrepreneurs, among them cannabis producers licensed under the federal government’s recent regulations for medicinal marijuana.

About 10,000 people took in a similar event in Toronto earlier this year.

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