IL: Marijuana Dispensary To Open Soon In Normal


The Green Solution, a Colorado-based marijuana company, plans to open a new medical marijuana dispensary in Normal within the next month.

The dispensary’s approval came from the state level, as Normal Council member Jeff Fritzen explained.

Fritzen said The Green Solution is “a private firm that received the necessary approvals from the state to operate.”

“Only one dispensary per state police district is allowed and the firm determined Normal was the preferred location in the district seated in Pontiac,” Fritzen said.

The dispensary held an open house Sept. 9 after receiving notice that its license would finally become active.

Fritzen said he feels the dispensary will not bring any benefits to the municipality.

“Because several states have legalized the dispensing of marijuana for medical purposes and a handful have approved its recreational use, many people believe this is a settled issue. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Fritzen said.

“The dispensary simply is evidence that Illinois legislators were willing to ignore federal regulations that recently continued to call into question the medical effectiveness of marijuana and found the drug has a strong likelihood of addiction.”

The dispensary’s website boasts a variety of products for purchase: strains, edibles, concentrates, topical products, tinctures and accessories.

The site also states The Green Solution has earned more than 50 awards for its products, compliance and innovation in the cannabis industry.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, patients must be diagnosed with a debilitating condition, as defined by the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, to be eligible for a medical marijuana card.

Some of the conditions that would let a patient qualify for a medical marijuana card include Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Fritzen said he acknowledges that some have success managing symptoms of illness through the use of marijuana but that its decriminalization is sending a dangerous message to the public.

“The danger is in the appearance of safety, because the truth is the marijuana being cultivated today has considerably higher levels of THC [tetrahydrocannabinol],” Fritzen said. “The perceived safety created by changes in public policy are particularly troubling because it is contributing to marijuana outpacing alcohol as a public health concern, particularly with adolescents who are more susceptible to its effects.”

The new Normal Green Solution dispensary will be located in the 501 Northtown Road building. The company, which claims it is Colorado’s primary marijuana dispensary, also has a dispensary coming to Sauget, Ill.

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