New Regulations Proposed For Medical Marijuana In Massachusetts


Chicopee, Mass. – State health officials are proposing some changes to medical marijuana regulations. The Department of Public Health is recommending the reforms based on what they learned from the first three years of legal medical marijuana in Massachusetts.

One major change would allow nurse practitioners to certify patients for medical marijuana. A second change would allow dispensaries to post product prices on their websites.

Right now, there are about 170 physicians registered with the state’s medical marijuana program, and almost 30,000 patients.

Anthony Hicks of Chicopee told 22News he isn’t so sure about the new guidelines.

“Personally, I think doctors should be the ones prescribing it if people are going to be getting it. Just because you want to make sure that that stuff is regulated. If it’s working for people, that’s great. But we need to make sure it’s being taken care of properly and that people aren’t abusing the system,” Hicks said.

Among the other changes being supported by DPH are allowing doctors more flexibility to certify patients for less than 10 ounces of a 60-day marijuana supply. They are also looking to enhance labeling, security, and background checks at dispensaries.

There are now seven dispensaries operational in the state, including one in Northampton.

The Department of Public Health will have public hearings before moving forward with the proposals.

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