OH: Menorah Park Wants To Administer Medical Marijuana


Beachwood, OH – Medical marijuana officially became law in Ohio on Sept. 8. An assisted living center in Beachwood is working to become the first facility in the state to administer clinical pot.

Helene Weinberger lives at the Menorah Park RH Myers Apartments in Beachwood. She’s not shy to voice her opinion of the potential use of medical marijuana in Ohio.

“I would like to express my thoughts on medical marijuana which may be distinctly difference from my kids,” said Weinberger.

The 92-year-old Weinberger served as a WAC during World War II. She’s one of 2,400 residents at Menorah Park.

“I believe that in an instance of great pain that medical marijuana maybe able to alleviate, then I certainly believe in it,” said Weinberger.

In fact, chronic and acute pain, muscle spasms, tremors, agitation from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, depression and appetite stimulation are some of the uses for which medical marijuana can be prescribed in Ohio. Steven Raichilson is the CEO at the Menorah Park Center for Senior Living.

“We see this as a wonderful new therapy for people,” said Raichilson.

Raichilson said close to 50 of his residents could benefit from medical marijuana right now. But, it may take a year for it to become available.

“We want to give seniors choice and some people just can’t handle regular medication. This is a great option for people to try,” said Raichilson.

People like 81-year-old Faye Diamond, who was recently named Volunteer of The Year at Menorah Park.

“I think it’s a good idea if it is used properly and for the people who need it,” said Diamond.

In order for doctors in the state of Ohio to prescribe medical marijuana they have to be certified. Even the patient has to be certified and you can only get a 90-day supply at a time.

Just to be clear, medical marijuana is not smoked. Treatments include vaporizers, aerosols, edibles, oils and patches.

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