CA: Clovis City Council Adopts Amendment On Recreational Marijuana


Once again voters will be left with a decision to make this fall. Whether to make recreational marijuana legal in California.

“This November there is an item on the ballot and based upon early polling information it looks like many Californian’s are going to be supporting recreational marijuana”, says Clovis Mayor Nathan Magsig.

The Clovis Police Department spoke at Monday nights city council meeting, asking to amend municipal code 5.22 which currently stipulates guidelines for the use of medical marijuana.

Magsig says currently those with a medical permit, “would have to go to the building department, they would have to acquire special equipment in the home, mechanical systems, mechanical ventilation systems to scrub the air also they would be required to only grow the marijuana within a building area and they are limited to about 32 square feet”

Now the rules for the cultivation and use of medical marijuana will also apply to recreational pot, should the proposition pass.

“The big factor is we are going to be able to keep the sales of marijuana out of the city of Clovis”, says police Chief Matt Basgall.

Wayne Wilhelm is a plant lover himself, owning Clovis Floral and Gifts downtown. He says he sees the benefits of medical marijuana. Wilhelm says, “people who have cancer and it shows they have a need for it can get it because we had a florist die of cancer and he did get marijuana and it did help him get through, him dying”.

However, he is not for recreational use and sees the potential for trouble down the road. “I just think it adds one more problem”, says Wilhelm.

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