Medical Marijuana Backers In Missouri Close To Throwing In The Towel


Backers of an initiative to place a measure before Missouri voters in November that would allow for medical marijuana say their effort appears to be close to defeat.

Jack Cardetti, a spokesman for New Approach Missouri that is pushing the proposal, said despite having gathered enough petition signatures, a judge has ruled that the group failed to note each petition signer’s correct county in the upper right-hand corner of the petition

“While we expect a final ruling in this case as early as tomorrow, we will simply not have enough time to successfully appeal before the upcoming Sept. 27 ballot access deadline.” Cardetti said.

Cardetti called the ruling a disappointment. “It will most be felt by those Missouri patients with cancer, epilepsy and other debilitating diseases, who suffer without the same treatment options that patients and doctors in 25 other states enjoy.”

He said the group had managed to lay the groundwork for eventual passage of a new law.

“While delayed, our work is not yet done, and we will fight for these patients until they and their doctors are put back in charge of their medical treatment options,” Cardetti said.

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