CA: Blue Lake City Council Mulls Pot Crackdown


The Blue Lake City Council on Tuesday will decide if it wants to impose restrictions on marijuana use in the city ahead of a statewide vote that could legalize recreational use for adults.

If the draft is approved, the city ordinance would move to the next step in prohibiting nonmedical commercial marijuana activity – a term the city defines as any commercial or business enterprise , for profit or nonprofit, engaged in cultivation, sale, use, storage, transport, distribution, delivery, testing, grading, marketing, processing, manufacturing or packaging nonmedical marijuana and related products. It also bars anyone from cultivating marijuana inside or outside of their home.

Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, could legalize commercial and personal uses of marijuana if it is approved by California voters next month.

It also allows local government to adopt additional ordinances to further regulate its use even if it is legal statewide, according to the measure.

Under the AUMA, local governments would have authority to prohibit all outdoor cultivation of marijuana for personal use, but could only regulate the indoor cultivation of marijuana for personal in a manner that is reasonably consistent with the AUMA standards for indoor cultivation, according to staff reports.

More than two and a half years ago the Blue Lake City Council adopted an ordinance to prohibit medical marijuana businesses from operating in the city.

The ordinance on todays agenda is the citys first attempt to regulate recreational marijuana use, according to staff reports.

Adverse impacts on the city from nonmedicinal marijuana uses and activities include: Potential adverse secondary effects and ancillary crimes occurring from nonmedicinal marijuana activities, the citys staff said in a report. Including robberies, burglaries, illicit drug dealing, noise … .

The citys staff also said it was concernment about increasing minors exposure to marijuana and noncompliance with environmental laws that could lead to water diversion polluting the Mad River.

Blue Lake City Manager Mandy Mager did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Anyone found guilty of violating the ordinance could be found guilty of a misdemeanor, if council members vote in favor of the ordinance.

The law would go into effect after council members approve a final draft.

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