CA: Laguna Hills Bans Marijuana Businesses


The Laguna Hills City Council Tuesday unanimously voted to ban marijuana businesses in all zoning districts of the city.

The ordinance amended the citys zoning code to update and clarify the existing ban on medical marijuana dispensaries and all related uses around town.

We are protecting ourselves and we wanted to take the most conservative course, said Mayor Barbara Kogerman. We are reflecting what our residents want.

Councilwoman Melody Carruth agreed.

I think the ordinance is a step in the right direction to keep our neighborhoods protected, she said.

Prior to the adoption of the ordinance, the City Council held a public hearing on the issue on Sept. 13, where no resident or Council member spoke against the amendment.

The updates, which will take effect on Nov. 11, reinforces that it is illegal to own, manage and participate in any marijuana business or activities within the city limits. It is also illegal to cultivate, transport and deliver the drug to any area of the city.

However, the city will have to change its stand if voters pass a new state law in the November election to make recreational marijuana use legal, said Councilman Don Sedgewick.

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