TN Lawmaker Wants To Legalize Medical Marijuana After CO Trip


Twenty-five states allow medicinal marijuana in the United States, and the closest state to us that allows it is Ohio, but Georgia passed a law last year and is next in line. Now one Republican Tennessee State Representative wants to make it legal here at home.

Representative Faison, from District 11, had a family member commit suicide while on anti depressants, that sent him on a mission to find out more about medicinal marijuana. What he found has put him on a path to try and change state law when it comes to medicinal marijuana.

Jeremy Faison video chatted with us in a Colorado airport before coming back to Tennessee Wednesday morning. Rep. Faison says, "I feel now more than ever that we were wrong the last 80 years to demonize this plant, and the best thing we could do is make it legal for those who need it."

In 2000, Colorado legalized medicinal marijuana, so Faison went to where it all started. He visited grow farms, dispensaries and the state capitol. What he saw was quote amazing. Faison says, "We have people who moved from Tennessee who were paying a lot for medications. Now they’re paying just 150 dollars a month now."

Representative Faison also met Tennessee veterans who moved to Colorado with PTSD, but now have an abundant life without depression.

While in Denver, Faison met with a republican state senator who was against medical marijuana at first, but supports it now. Faison says, "What made you want to go there and do this? Because everyone says we want proof and I said I’m going to video blog the proof and find out for myself."

Faison created a video blog on Facebook, and now plans on interviewing people in Tennessee who would like to see it legalized.

Faison says, "There’s always going to be push back, and I understand that. I believe where the truth is, lies can’t live. I’m going to do everything I can to expose the truth."

To get both sides, we reached out to the Metro Drug Coalition to see what they had to say about medicinal marijuana. They told us the FDA doesn’t have any studies showing that marijuana has medicinal values.

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