NY: Columbia Care Making Changes To Improve Access To Medical Marijuana


Rochester, N.Y. – Columbia Care, a local medical marijuana dispensary that opened early last year, has been criticized for not being accessible, lack of medical variations, and not enough doctors in their network.

CEO Nicholas Vita says they have made changes, beginning with adding new meds.

"We have inhalable vaporizers, pins which are a different form of delivery, and actually we introduced our hard filled capsule which is the first of its kind," said Vita.

The Department of Health announced several recommendations on how to enhance medical marijuana, one of them being a home delivery service.

Vita says this will help people that are not located near their dispensary to still receive the meds they need. Not everyone is thinks this is a good idea.

"The introduction rather, the recommendation to introduce delivery should alleviate any concern over access, Vita said. Because the registered services will be able to deliver to the home."

Nancy Adams from the Monroe County Medical Society says while safety is a major concern, she is even more nervous about the reluctance of doctors signing up.

She says doctors are uncomfortable because there is not enough research done.

"Most physicians dont want to just take on patients without making sure you appropriately need the medical marijuana," she said.

Columbia Care says even though changes are not happening fast enough, they are certain that by next year, more people will have easier access to medical marijuana.

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