OR: Cannabis Oil Plant Controversy In Williams Ends With Threats And No Plant


Williams, Ore. – After some heated response from the community, a Williams business owner has backed out of his plans to open a cannabis oil processing plant.

Some in the community had issues with the location. Cedar Grey said he planned to open it next to a community center – which also serves as a home-school base.

"The biggest issue with this was our children," resident Daryl Jackson said. "Children were being exposed to this development, and parents having to describe what the situation was."

Grey said he was surprised by the community’s response.

"I received threats from community members that our family was going to suffer," Grey said.

His family includes his son, who is epileptic and experiences grand mal seizures. He said his oil tinctures help his son, which is partially why he is so passionate about what he does. He said he will find a different location in town that is further away from the downtown area.

"I’ve been really heartbroken to play this role in this controversy," Grey said. "I’m happy to be putting it behind me and I wish for peace out here."

Jackson said this is a reminder of what the little town of Williams is made of.

"This is a tough little community, and if you’re going to come in and do things, you better talk to the town first."

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