Prop 64 Could Allow Recreational Marijuana Use But Limit Dispensaries In Bakersfield


Those headed to the polls in November will have the option of voting for or against The Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

If passed, Prop 64 would allow anyone over the age of 21 to possess, transport, purchase, consume and share up to one ounce of marijuana and eight grams of marijuana concentrates. It also allows anyone to grow up to six marijuana plants.

According to Deputy City Attorney Richard Iger, there is nothing the city can do about that if Prop 64 passes.

"It essentially does decriminalize a certain amount of marijuana," said Richard Iger, Deputy City Attorney.

However, Iger said Prop 64 does include language that if the city chooses, could keep recreational marijuana shops from opening and selling products.

"It allows individual cities to opt in our opt out, meaning we could still ban recreational marijuana dispensaries if we wanted to," Iger said.

Unlike medical cannabis dispensaries, which are not allowed in the city but still exist due to state law and the lengthy legal process it takes to shut them down, Iger said recreational pot shops could be successfully banned.

"Think of it kind of like alcohol. You have to get a state wide permit to sale alcohol in the city. You don’t see a lot of illegal alcohol stores because we have state enforcement that is able to lend their money, their efforts, and there’s fines involved. So it’s easier to handled than just a local ban on something," Iger said.

Prop 64 would take effect January 1. The state would start issuing permits for recreational marijuana dispensaries in January 2018. So if it passes, city council will have a year to decide if they want to allow or ban recreational pot shops.

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