FL: Poll Shows Medical Marijuana Amendment At 73% Support


A University of North Florida poll released Thursday shows Amendment 2 is looking poised to pass.

The survey, from the UNF Public Opinion Research Lab, indicates the medical marijuana amendment is now drawing 73 percent support. Thats down from 77 percent in a similar poll taken a few weeks back.

Polling was conducted via live phone calls from Oct. 20-25.

Lab director Dr. Michael Binder says that despite this slight attrition in support, Amendment 2 likely will carry.

This is down four percentage points from our last poll, but still well above the 60 percent threshold needed for passage, Binder noted. Interestingly, and just like in our last poll, all age groups and parties support Amendment 2.

While that may be true, support varies among different demographics.

Eighty-one percent of Democrats and 76 percent of NPAs back Amendment 2; only 63 percent of Republicans surveyed support the measure.

Proponents of Amendment 2 likely will be encouraged by strong support among most age groups.

Among voters aged 18 to 24, 84 percent support the measure. And for all age demographics through the 55-64-year-old bracket, support holds steady at a minimum of 75 percent.

With those 65 and older, however, only a mere 62 percent support the measure just enough for passage.

The survey of likely voters assumes an electorate proportioned with 40 percent Republicans, 40 percent Democrats, and 20 percent NPAs.

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