AZ: The Dark Opposition Behind Marijuana Legalization


​Legalization and the impact it could have.

November 8th is right around the corner and all of this rhetoric we have heard over the last year has been exhausting. It has been difficult to sift through the nonsense to make an informed decision but thats not why Im here. This year 5 states have measures on the ballot to legalize marijuana and all of them have a high probability of passing. In my home state of Arizona it looks like it will be a close fight. So I thought we should take a look at whats happening here and the people fighting to keep pot illegal.

A pharmaceutical company that manufacturers phentanol has donated half a million dollars to fight the proposition. You may have heard of phentanol on the news and thats because its killing people. Multiple states have had cases where heroin dealers are cutting there product with the drug and its causing people to overdose because its 80 times stronger then morphine (its an elephant tranquilized). Now why would a drug company want to keep the current laws on marijuana? To keep the money flowing in from patients who could use marijuana instead of there product.

Another group fighting prop 205 is the prision industry, if it is legal we wont have to spend millions of our tax dollars locking up innocent human beings and paying the prison employees salaries. Side note it cost around $45,000 a year to keep someone in prison. So it seems the common denominator is money or the money that would be taken away and given to the people and schools. Legalization will provide thousands of jobs and will allow police to focus on policing.

Our criminal justice system is a joke and our country is tearing at the seems. A lot of issues could be solved if we choose to legalize marijuana. So I ask you to ignore the tv propaganda and to do your own research because this trillion dollar war on drugs has effected us all. Regardless who you vote for, where you live or even if you dont use marijuana take a step forward and vote yes.

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