CA: False Start – Pot Dispensary Not Properly Permitted In Adelanto


Adelanto – Long-time medical marijuana proponent Johnny Salazar admitted Monday he may have "jumped the gun" after opening a dispensary last week with a business permit that city officials say doesn’t authorize such a facility.

Salazar invited the Daily Press to his roughly 3,500-square-foot pot shop last Thursday, two days after it opened, touting the store as the first dispensary to be licensed under Adelanto’s ordinance allowing dispensaries within city limits.

The problem: The ordinance only passed a first reading. City spokesman Michael Stevens said a second reading is planned for Wednesday and, if approved, the ordinance will take effect Dec. 9. And while Salazar carried a medical marijuana license with him during Thursday’s tour, Stevens said it’s a license for a "resource center with accessory sales" and "not to sell or possess marijuana."

"I’m going to try to talk with the city this week and see what they want me to do," Salazar said. "Whatever they want me to do, I don’t want no problems. I’m more than willing to comply with whatever’s necessary."

Salazar had trumpeted this particular shop as the culmination of six years of being chased from one municipality to the other, a continuous cat-and-mouse game where one illegal store would be shut down and another would open. It was a toll he said he accepted as the price of helping patients and taking marijuana out of the purview of children. Now, it’s unclear if his premature facility and the publicity he ushered toward it has unwittingly drawn the attention of authorities.

At the very least, it appears as if Salazar’s shop on Bartlett Road, his 14th in six years, will need to wait longer for legitimacy.

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