AZ: Tucsonans Sound Off On Failure Of Prop 205


Arizonans will have to travel if they want to legally consume recreational marijuana after voters rejected Proposition 205 on Tuesday.

Nearly 52 percent of voters declined to legalize recreational-use marijuana. Prop 205 would have allowed the consumption, possession and purchase of cannabis for individuals 21 and older.

Some people argue the flood of anti-marijuana advertisements convinced voters to think twice about checking yes on their ballots, despite some Colorado lawmakers believing that information was inaccurate and misleading.

Other voters remained wary about how tax revenue would be truly allocated.

Opponents also argued legalizing marijuana might have increased usage among teens and resulted in car crashes tied to marijuana.

Tucson resident Tyler Connel doesnt consume marijuana. He believes demographics played a huge role in peoples decisions.

"It’s a controversial issue. I think really it’s a generation gap, the opinions. The generation kind of defines who supports it and who doesn’t, generally."

Supporters say it offers various economic benefits, such as creating thousands of new jobs and using tax revenue from sales to fund public education. They also said it could be regulated like alcohol.

Gloria Breckenfeld said she’s not happy with the outcome of Tuesdays election as it pertains to Prop 205.

She believes many of Arizonas more conservative communities with larger populations, such as Maricopa County, are partially to blame.

She hopes that, in the future, people do their own research before casting their ballot.

Instead of going and researching propositions and find their own perspective based on actual knowledge and information that they found, then they have the knee-jerk reaction to seeing an ad and decide ‘Oh, that’s it for me.’ "

"That’s disappointing."

Breckenfeld and other supporters remain confident that recreational marijuana will eventually pass, although its going to take time and increased efforts to educate the public.

Of the five states that had recreational marijuana on their ballots, Arizona was the only state where it failed. It was approved in California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada

Arizona’s medical marijuana dispensaries are unaffected by the rejection of Prop 205.

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