CA: Brea In Short Term Prohibits Pot Businesses, Outdoor Cultivation


Before Prop. 64 passed last week and legalized recreational marijuana use in California, Brea had prohibitions in place against its sale and outdoor cultivation.

The City Council put a 45-day moratorium in place on Nov. 1 to give city leaders time to address legalization.

It puts some controls on that recreational use until such time as the council may consider more permanent standards and use regulations they care to consider, said David Crabtree, Breas community development director.

The city cannot keep people 21 and older from using or carrying up to an ounce of cannabis under the new state law; in-public laws are much like those for alcohol. But it can regulate business aspects.

The city already prohibited the commercial sale, delivery and cultivation of medical marijuana, and the moratorium does the same for recreational use.

Prop. 64s passage also allows adults to grow up to six plants per residential property; the citys moratorium bans growing those plants outdoors.

The moratorium can be extended an additional 10 months, 15 days.

Earlier in the decade, the city spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting pot shops that had opened up in town.

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