Legal Marijuana Expansion Brings Rush Of Business Conferences


Four more states have legalized marijuana this year, making the nascent cannabis industry that much more profitable.

While a handful of conferences dedicated to the cannabis space have already seen success, those who want to get involved can expect a rush of opportunities in the near future, whether it be from working with glass, accessories, edibles, or marijuana itself.

Whether youre fully experienced with weed, or if the notion of entering the cannabis industry seems a bit daunting, theres plenty of business-to-business events coming in the near future to help propel your career to the next level. Heres a short list of business conferences coming to an area near you.

Marijuana Business Conference and Expo: Now that weed is legal in Nevada, get your pot business up and running soon by attending the fifth annual Marijuana Business Conference held this week, Nov. 16-18, in Las Vegas. Take in a crash course workshop on the pot biz, then stay for a keynote speech from famed comedian, Penn Jilette.

Oregon Marijuana Business Conference: Marijuana has been legal in Oregon for years now, but its not too late to make some money through weed. The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference, held this weekend, Nov. 19, features speakers such as legendary stoner Tommy Chong and commercial grow consultant Ed Rosenthal. Use this conference to educate yourself about the industry while networking with the greatest minds currently working with cannabis.

BIG Industry Show: If you love the toys and accessories that come with being a stoner, then this event is for you. The Buyers Industry Guide Show, otherwise known as the BIG Industry Show, highlights some of the most innovative products available, from precision vaporizers to cleaning solvents for your favorite glass piece. The BIG Industry Show comes to Los Angeles Jan. 19-20.

International Cannabis Business Conference: Successful legalization measures may be good news in America, but the rest of the world is also considering efforts to reform marijuana laws. Berlin, Germany is poised to become Europes leader in both cannabis business and reform. If you prefer your opportunities overseas, then get your passport ready and check out the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin April 11-12. But dont worry if you cant make it out that far – the ICBC will also come to San Francisco Feb. 16-17, with more details to be announced shortly.

Edibles List Awards 2016: Marijuana-infused edibles have become so popular that it has carved its own niche in the industry. Celebrate the best munchies, topicals, and concentrates of the year at the Edibles List Awards coming to Los Angeles in February, then get down to brass tacks with buyers and sellers at this industry-only event.

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