Canada: Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Downtown St. John's


A new marijuana shop – selling products like Mary’s Triple Strength Sativa Bunnies and Chronic Kitchen Gummy Stars – has opened in downtown St. John’s.

CannaLeaf St. John’s was operating Monday at 448 Water Street, and word had travelled among customers.

One customer, who called the shop a "medicinal marijuana store," told CBC News that he was able to buy from CannaLeaf without any prescription.

He said the store was more reliable than buying marijuana from other dealers, adding "it’s exactly what they say it is."

He also said the existence of a storefront seems to remove some of the "taboo" of buying marijuana.

"It’s a lot nicer. It removes a lot of the stress and anxiety and feeling like you’re doing a bad thing," he said.

Still illegal

Another customer said smoking marijuana was no worse than having a beer after work.

"It’s absolutely ridiculous that people in society make marijuana seem like this evil drug," he said.

Both of the men spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Despite their protests, the sale of marijuana remains illegal in Canada.

The federal government has convened a task force to move towards legalization, and new legislation has been promised for 2017.

In a statement in June, the federal government said the current prohibition extends to stores that bill themselves as "dispensaries."

"These operations are illegally supplied, and provide products that are untested, unregulated and that may be unsafe," it wrote.

The government said anyone who required marijuana for medical purposes can access it through a licensed producer.

Police representatives from Newfoundland and Labrador’s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit were unavailable for comment.

Staff and owners of CannaLeaf also declined to speak to the media.

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