Cannabis Coffee Shops To Open In Germany, A New Trend In Legalized Commercial Weed


Cannabis future is looking bright in Berlin with the new coalition government which is planning scientifically monitored cannabis-pilot programs by which the zero tolerance policy is coming to an end!

The cannabis possession amount varies among the different states of Germany with Berlin being the most liberal. Possessing up to 15 grams of weeds is not a crime.

The tourists and locals enjoy weeds in parks, cafes and clubs without being bothered by police. But the new progressive coalition government is taking a giant step ahead in the history of weeds!

Further liberalization of cannabis is on the way in Berlin and most probably in other parts of Germany as well. The country’s capital marijuana policy is considering issuing of licenses to cannabis coffee shops, reports Weed News.

The roots of this new policy go back to 2013 when Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain borough of Berlin voted to permit cannabis coffee shops. The approval to the vote got late!

Today, Berlin is all united in seeking the legalization of commercial sale this amazing entertainment weeds. It is apparent that taking a step ahead for Berlin is essential.

The new policy means no fears and no hidden offering of cannabis. The public will be rejoicing marijuana intake in nerve relaxed gatherings at coffee shops.

The commercial sale of cannabis is a scientifically supported model project but the sales will be limited to adults and will follow its legal framework. Wide use of marijuana seems possible in regard of treating pain in the patients.

With the cannabis coffee shop pilot program, the municipal advertising places will not allow advertisement of alcohol and tobacco. This is to revise non-smoking legislation for protecting kids and youth.

The future is bright for cannabis in Germany. The monitored coffee chop pilot program license are getting issued in near future and it is estimated that till year 2018 and 2019 there will be state-controlled cannabis coffee shops in Bremen and Berlin.

What will be the impact of this permitted commercialization of cannabis on other European countries? Germany is going to take the lead as the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in going to take place Berlin on April 10-12, 2017.

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