FL: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Set To Open In Orlando


Orlando, Fla. – In Ivanhoe Village, a medical marijuana dispensary will soon be open for business. The owner says it’s two years in the making.

"It is amazing, it’s been a roller coaster ride that’s been full of ups and downs and twists and turns, but we’re finally to the point where we got our dispensing approval."

Among the beautiful flowers at Knox Nursery, another business is sprouting nearby on the same property. "We have invested a lot of money to create the highest quality of medication. Our testing facilities, which you’ll see tomorrow, are world class."

Co-Founder Bruce Knox says his family has owned this Winter Garden nursery for 55 years.

Getting approval to dispense low-THC and medical cannabis from the Department of Health wasn’t just about business.

"Personally I have two family members who have epilepsy so I have seen seizures and what that is like, so not only that aspect of it, but just the ability to help people. I think everybody has seen family members or friends with cancer."

Five dispensaries are being built in Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Lake Worth. Medical pot will also be delivered to patients homes starting Friday both low and full THC will be available in certain areas.

Its the full THC that gets a person high.

And Knox says he has to dispense in other locations because the city of Winter Garden doesn’t allow it here.

"The city of Winter Garden has a dispensing moratorium, which a lot of jurisdictions have put them in place to prevent it."

The Orlando location will only sell the low THC because of a moratorium on the full THC until July. We went next door to the White Wolf Caf and got the owner’s reaction.

Michael Hennessey says, "They bring new people to the area, so that can’t be a bad thing, Michael Hennessey said, who hopes itll be good for business.

And that’s what Knox hopes too. "Were anxious to get medicine in need to the patients in Florida."

The Orlando dispensary location will be open in February. Patients will need permission from the Department of Health. Again, its for the low THC. But they can have the full THC delivered to them.

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