MA: Medical-Marijuana Plan May Go Before Leominster City Council


Leominster – While a specific site plan for a medical-marijuana dispensary has yet to be formally approved by the city’s Planning Board, the board’s chairman said Tuesday a public hearing on the plan may be held during the City Council’s meeting Monday.

"The City Council would give them their license, but to get that license, they will have to come back to the Planning Board with the finalized site plan specifying the medical-marijuana facility and its standard requirements," Planning Board Chairman John Souza said about the site plan for Prime Wellness Centers, the company seeking to open the dispensary.

Representatives of Prime Wellness Centers submitted an initial site plan earlier this year to the Planning Board, which approved it, but it didn’t indicate the facility would be used for a medical-marijuana dispensary.

Souza said board members decided during their recent meeting that they would have to be given a more detailed site plan, accounting for the city’s security and landscaping requirements for medical-marijuana-related buildings before the project could move forward.

Apart from those requirements specific to Prime Wellness Centers’ building, Souza said the property on Lock Drive they’re using does comply with the city’s medical-marijuana bylaws.

"We had written the zoning for medical marijuana last year and submitted it to the City Council, they made some changes, but accepted primarily what we had written," Souza said, adding that Prime Wellness Centers "met those requirements."

According to the city’s revised ordinance for medical-marijuana dispensaries, all dispensaries in Leominster must be limited to industrial-zoned areas and require a special permit from the City Council. Also, dispensaries cannot be located within 500 feet of a residential district, church or other religious use, and are prohibited within 1,000 feet of any school, child-care facility, family child-care home, park, playground or other registered dispensary.

Prime Wellness Centers has already received from the City Council a letter of nonopposition, which basically serves as a show of support from the local governing body.

During that same meeting in September, councilors also granted a letter of nonopposition to Middlesex Integrative Medicine to open a medical-marijuana cultivation facility on Mohawk Drive.

There is also an application from the nonprofit Alternative Therapies Group to open a dispensary that the council tabled as alternative in case Prime Wellness Centers does not open a facility in Leominster.

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