FL: COT Approves Moratorium For Medical Marijuana Sites


The state Department of Public Health and Human Services has received about 1,300 applications for medical marijuana cards since a judge’s December 7 ruling that allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to re-open.

Medical marijuana use is a new industry and the cities and counties do not have zoning regulations in place. Now Tallahassee is preparing to join the group.

The council on Wednesday unanimously passed the moratorium, which takes effect immediately, according to city attorney Bill Lisch, who began pushing for the moratorium in late October ahead of the November 8 passage of Amendment 2.

"I’m going to go with the moratorium language tonight, but I will also admit that I am really not a huge fan of letting the Legislature tell local governments what is in our interest and our priorities", Gillum says.

This suspension would put a six month hold on new applications for dispensaries, but will not effect those that are already in operation. Tuesday’s vote extends the urgency ordinance to one year.

Some regulations the state regulatory process would be responsible for includes the types of diseases and conditions eligible for medical marijuana, and the number of grow operations allowed.

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