CO: Pueblo Braces For Flurry Of Recreational Marijuana Business Applicants


The Pueblo City Clerks Office is bracing for a rush of applications to open recreational marijuana stores.

City Council is going to write the rules at its Dec. 27 meeting on how many stores it will allow and how those applications will be judged; the clerks office is expecting a crush of interest.

At last count, 37 people had signed up to get the latest information on the licensing process.

Were going ahead with planning for that process right now, City Clerk Gina Dutcher said Friday.

Heres how it is shaping up:

City staff will host a pre-application meeting on Jan. 11 to explain how the process will work.

Those who are interested will have just 30 days from Jan. 25 to Feb. 24 to submit their completed application to the clerk.

The last time council discussed the store ordinance, it limited the number of retail stores to just eight four north of the Arkansas River and four south.

Dutcher said the citys Marijuana Licensing Authority will meet on March 7 (plus the 8th and 9th, if necessary) to review the applications and rank them according to a list of qualifications that are part of the ordinance.

For example, an applicant who is a Pueblo County resident and who has demonstrated an ability to run a successful marijuana business will have an advantage over an out-of-county applicant with no experience.

What the board will do is rank all the applications, picking the top four applicants for the north side of the river and the top four for the south, Dutcher said.

Those successful candidates would then have 120 days to complete the licensing process.

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