Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Young woman monitoring cannabis women

12 Women Changing The Cannabis Industry

Since states began legalizing recreational marijuana in the U.S. in 2012, the cannabis industry has boomed—and women make up over a third of the...
Emily Eizen

Multimedia Artist Emily Eizen

Emily Eizen is a queer multimedia artist working in painting, sculpture, photography, modeling and home decor. Her '60s-psychedelic-inspired works showcase the beauty, freedom and...
Olivia Alexander

Olivia Alexander: “The Queen of CBD”

I believe in regulation of cannabis, but think it does this plant a disservice to compare it to tobacco. This plant has been around...
Adebola Oyedeji

Adebola Oyedeji: Empowering South African Women

The Women in Cannabiznis event was hosted by WSU Chemistry senior researcher professor Adebola Oyedeji  Women involved in the cannabis industry recently gathered in Lusikisiki...
Dr, Dina

Dr. Dina: The Real Life Nancy Botwin

Once Snoop Dogg lays a nickname on you, it sticks for life – just ask “Dr. Dina,” his longtime friend, confidante and business associate....