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420 Girl of the Month Contest 2009


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Want to be the next 420 Girl? Want to help create Cannabis Awareness to the World? Now's your chance!

420 Magazine is pleased to announce auditions for the next 420 Girl of the Month. We are looking for 420 Girls of all ages, races, creeds, and cultures.

We will feature winners in both the online and the upcoming print version of 420 Magazine. This is your chance to be one of the first 420 Girls in 420 Magazine when we go back to print in 2009! Winners will also be featured on the 420Girls.com website and in our next book!

What else is in it for you? Tons of cool 420 Prizes and Services from our Sponsors.

But most importantly you have a chance to help 420 Magazine create Cannabis awareness to the world. When people view your pictures, read your 420 related interviews and begin discussing the topic with their friends. They'll tell two friends and they'll tell two friends and so on. This is how we educate the uninformed so that we may soon end this war on our beloved plant!

Contest details:

1. Must be 18 or over to enter. 19 in Alabama and 21 in Mississippi, Nebraska and Pennsylvania.
2. All photos become nonreturnable property of 420 Magazine.
3. Submit a full color scanned JPG of your driver’s license or ID card and a second form of ID (social security card, passport, etc.)
4. Submit the 420 Girl Model Release Form via snail mail to the address below.
5. Submit a copy of your doctor’s medical Marijuana recommendation when applicable.
6. If you do not have a scanner, Kinko’s will scan your documents to JPG on a CD for only a few bucks.
7. Submissions without photographs and/or proper ID will be disqualified.
8. All photos submitted must be exclusive to 420 Magazine, if your photos are found elsewhere, your entry will be disqualified.

Photo size and resolution requirements:

1. All photos must be in original JPG or RAW format, no cropping, resizing or editing whatsoever. No text added to photos, no photo morphing, etc.
2. Make sure your camera is set to the highest resolution possible before shooting. All photos must be 300 DPI and a minimum of 1024 x 768.
3. For optimal resolution, RAW files are encouraged in the area of 3888 x 2592 or higher.

Here are some tips for best photography:

Make sure you have a flash and/or plenty of light. Check your camera first to make sure you are shooting at the highest resolution possible for that camera. Be yourself, don't try too hard. 420 Girls are girls who smoke weed and think it should be legal, that's it. No special requirement or status needed. Look at the camera with device in hand, smile, inhale, exhale, smile. Just do that a bunch of times in different settings and have your photographer keep shooting the whole time. Take your time and do it right, don't rush, keep the vibe relaxed and happy the entire time. Smell the nugget, pretend to eat one, admire the bud, play with it, have fun. If you have enough, pour a bunch of it on you, if you have plants, play peek a boo with them, water them, jump out of them or just stand there and look at them. You can never send us too many photos, the more the better. Cute, serious, sexy, silly, it's all good.

You may send as many pictures as you like. If they're 420 related, please send as many as you can. These pictures should be fairly recent and only of you - please don't send group pictures. Any graphic format will do. They should be original photographs, not sketches or computer-enhanced graphics. They should not contain text or other promotional content. Full or 1/2 body shots are preferred. We reserve the right not to publish any photo for any reason.

Submit Photos, I.D. Questions and Model Release via Email to: rob@420magazine.com

Submit Photos, I.D. and Model Release via Snail Mail to:

420 Magazine
PO Box 420
Hollywood, CA 90078

15 years ago we started the first girls and weed group to get attention to our mission. Since then, similar groups have popped up all over the world in support of Cannabis. The main difference is that we are doing this for international attention to our cause, while they are mostly just doing it for fun. We are grateful that our concept has reached around the globe and back, now it's time to get serious and join together to make change and use our concept for what we invented it for. Thank you for helping us spread our message of Cannabis to the world.

We are so very grateful for your participation & support!

420Girls.com contest consists of…
Clothed, (no nudity) will go on the 420Magazine.com website and in our print magazine.
Minimum of 5 - 10 Photos per submission or more. You can never send too many.

Sponsors and Prizes:

420 Girl of the Month receives the Portable Vaporizer from Vaporstore, the AKA Tommy Chong DVD, SpaseCase grinder, Vapor Genie Pipe from VapeNow, Regular Bambu, Big Bambu and Flavored Bambu Rolling Papers from Bambu, Nutrient Package and T-Shirt from Advanced Nutrients, 420 Magazine T-Shirt from 420Store.com, and a LIFETIME Membership to 420Girls.com. 420 Girl Prize Package Valued at $420.00

More 420 Sponsors are being added daily, prize photos coming soon, please check back often for the additions.

420 Girls are entered into the 420 Girl of the Year contest to win a trip to Hawaii.

420 Girls Contest is Sponsored in Part by 420 Magazine
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