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<img align="left" src="http://www.420girls.com/affiliates/banners/420-girls-logo-white-150.jpg" border="0" style="margin-right:6px" alt="420 Girl - Ava Monroe" />Ava Monroe lights up the session with her favorite glass pipe, then decides to experiment with some new devices.

When asked about a 420 fantasy, Ava says, "To Legalize Marijuana in the United States." Watch this little hottie pose with buds and smoke her little heart out for the camera.

Age: 18, Height: 5' 10", Weight: 125, Bust: 34B, Waist: 25, Hips: 33, Hair: Strawberry Blonde, Eyes: Blue, Birthplace: South Carolina, Residence: Pennsylvania, Occupation: Model

What is the Best Bud You Ever Smoked?
White Rhino

What is Your Favorite Munchie When You're Stoned?
Ice cream and slurpies

How Often Do You Smoke?

Do You Own Anything Made From Hemp?
I own some 420 Gear

Have You Ever Hurt Anyone Under the Influence of Marijuana?
No. Never.

What is Your Favorite 420 Band?

What is Your Favorite Thing About Marijuana?
Getting totally baked and playing video games

Why Do You Smoke Weed?
To get high

Why Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Legal?
It is less harmful than alcohol

Where is the Craziest Place You Ever Got Stoned?
On Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs

What is Your Favorite Method for Smoking the Herb?
Blunts and bongs

What Message Would You Like to Deliver to the Other 420 Girls Who Read This?

What is Your Favorite Stoner Movie?
Cheech and Chong's Next Movie

What Do You Like to Do When High?
Watch movies, spin records, play video games

If You Could Tell the President One Thing About Hemp or Marijuana, What Would it Be?
You could tax the hell out of this so why not legalize it?

What Have You Done to Help the Legalization Cause?
Nothing yet except for this. I just turned 18 and I haven't gotten to vote yet.

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