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<a href="http://www.420girls.com/420/forums/showthread.php?t=124"><img align="left" src="http://www.420girls.com/affiliates/banners/420-girls-logo-white-150.jpg" border="0" style="margin-right:6px" alt="420 Girl - Britney" /></a> Live and direct from New York City, please welcome this saucy little 23 year old 420 Girl, Britney, who, "LOVES Smoking Pot"!

She smokes because, "It relaxes me, sometimes even soothes my headaches and listening to music becomes a heck of a lot more exciting." She goes on to say, "I'd rather see someone "abuse" weed than alcohol."

Watch Britney doing bong rips in the bathroom!

Age: 23, Height: 5' 6", Weight: 115, Bust: 34, Waist: 24, Hips: 34, Hair: Brunette, Eyes: Brown, Birthplace: NYC, Residence: NY, Occupation: Model

What is the Best Bud You Ever Smoked?
Can't remember, ha ha

What is Your Favorite Munchie When You're Stoned?
Whatever's within arm's length

How Often Do You Smoke?
Once a month

Do You Own Anything Made From Hemp?
Yep, soap, a bag and I think a body lotion

What is Your Favorite 420 Band?
Cypress Hill (Temples of Boom)

What is Your Favorite Thing About Marijuana?
It smells fab and it relaxes the muscles which comes in handy quite often (wink, wink)

Why Do You Smoke Weed?
It relaxes me, sometimes even soothes my headaches and listening to music becomes a heck of a lot more exciting

Why Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Legal?
I'd rather see someone "abuse" weed than alcohol

What is Your Favorite Method for Smoking the Herb?
Water pipe

What Message Would You Like to Deliver to the Other 420 Girls Who Read This?
Come visit my homepage when you get a chance

What is Your Favorite Stoner Movie?
Zardoz - I'm not sure if Connery smoked, but Boorman sure did

Do you smoke Marijuana for any medicinal purpose?
No, but I certainly would if I needed to.

What Do You Like to Do When High?
I like to listen to ambient music. You should try "Orgship" by Solar Quest when you're stoned

If You Could Tell the President One Thing About Hemp or Marijuana, What Would it Be?

When Did You Lose Your 420 Virginity and What Was it Like?
I think I was 19 and I ate it. It kicked in 3 hours later and I was "spinning" the whole night. Guess a little less would have been more fun

What Have You Done to Help the Legalization Cause?
Nothing else beside this. Guilty as charged

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