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<a href="http://www.420girls.com/420/forums/showthread.php?t=81"><img align="left" src="http://www.420girls.com/affiliates/banners/420-girls-logo-white-150.jpg" border="0" style="margin-right:6px" alt="420 Girl - Charlie Laine" /></a> This little cutie pie is 420 Girl, Charlie Laine. She is 19 years old, born in Wisconsin and now lives in California where she is an adult model.

Charlie smokes every day and says, "Marijuana has honestly helped me a lot! I used to be on meds for depression, etc. and now BECAUSE of the fact I smoke weed, the THC helps me functional in everyday living!" Watch her play with herb, smoke it, many different ways, posing with leis and more.

Age: 19, Height: 5' 3", Weight: 100, Bust: 32B, Waist: 23, Hips: 33, Hair: Red/Brown, Eyes: Blue/Green, Birthplace: Wisconsin, Residence: California, Occupation: Adult Model/Actress

What is the Best Bud You Ever Smoked?
OG Bubba Koosh!!

What is Your Favorite Munchie When You're Stoned?
Guacamole chips & sour cream!!! or Chili cheese frito & cream cheese!

How Often Do You Smoke?
Every day

Do You Own Anything Made From Hemp?
I used to have this awesome purse but someone stole it!

Have You Ever Hurt Anyone Under the Influence of Marijuana?
No way!

What is Your Favorite 420 Band?
Cypress Hill

What is Your Favorite Thing About Marijuana?
The smell.

Why Do You Smoke Weed?
Because I love it!! It helps me relax & I love the smell and taste!

Why Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Legal?
Because it is less harmful than cigarettes.

What was the funniest thing that happened to you while you were high?

A friend had a pit bull over and my kitty got so scared she shit all over me!! EWWW! But it was hella funny!

What is Your Favorite Method for Smoking the Herb?
I love smoking out of my waterless gravity bong..and of course BLUNTS!!

What Message Would You Like to Deliver to the Other 420 Girls Who Read This?
SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY! & keep supporting the cause!

What is Your Favorite Stoner Movie?
How High!

Do you smoke Marijuana for any medicinal purpose?
Actually yes.. I actually have been diagnosed as bi polar and ADD as well as some other stuff and when I smoke I can function like a normal human =) It helps out with stress.

What Do You Like to Do When High?
Chill & watch TV but I also love to do shit too like work or go out and party!

What is Your Wildest 420 Fantasy?
I wanna smoke a bowl somewhere in Hawaii looking out at the island.

If You Could Tell the President One Thing About Hemp or Marijuana, What Would it Be?
Marijuana has honestly helped me a lot! I used to be on meds for depression, etc. and now BECAUSE of the fact I smoke weed, I don't need them anymore. The THC helps me functional in everyday living!

When Did You Lose Your 420 Virginity and What Was it Like?
It was cool..I was with all of my friends and we all smoked the first time together.

What Have You Done to Help the Legalization Cause?
Joined clubs and wrote a letter to congress.

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