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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shoud I join?
You will gain access to high resolution pictures of girls blazing from bongs, joints, blunts, pipes, hookahs, vaporizers, hiding behind plants, covered in nugs and . . . You will just have to see for yourself! Creating Cannabis Awareness the way we do is very expensive. Now you can support The 420 Girls for coming out of the closet and taking a stand. With bandwidth expenses going through the roof, we're just about breaking even, so please lend a hand and help us continue to bring you The 420 Girls by purchasing a membership today.

What type of stuff should I expect to see if I join?
Playboy Bunnies, Penthouse Pets, Amateur Models, The Girl Next Door and more, ALL SMOKING HERB! Interviews with each girl, all 420 related and most photo shoots end in FULL NUDITY. Weekly gallery updates, video section with a nice assortment of 420 Girl video clips, 420 Girls Contact information, TEN THOUSAND plus photos to be exact and much more.

Is there a Mission behind The 420 Girls?
But of course! "420 Girls" help us draw attention to the Legalization of Cannabis. Sex sells, so we use it as our chariot to deliver our message to the world. Most hide in the closet, we choose to create awareness. We have 420 related interviews with every girl. They talk about their views, opinions and theories of the War on Drugs, why they smoke, how often they smoke, what their favorite munchies are, what they would say to the President if given the chance, and so much more.

Will you share my contact information with anyone?
NO. We do not share your contact information with ANYONE for any purpose.

What will appear on my credit card statement?
All charges will appear as "CCBill.com * 420 Magazine" on your statement.

How did The 420 Girls become a reality?
Starting in 1993, The 420 Girls were a free part of 420Magazine.com for many years, then Bush outlawed online headshops and the advertising revenue disappeared. We asked for donations over the years but never received a dime. With expenses reaching well over incoming revenue, we had to re-organize our plan. Please help support this site, us, our employees, the girls, our mission and our industry, by purchasing a membership today! And all the while you get access to the smoking babes of 420 Girls!

Why can't I login?
There are two seperate login areas on 420Girls.com. The free area and the members area. You may register for free and get access to the sample galleries. Once you join, you will be issued a different user name and password to login to the member's area only. We are currently working on a fix for this so that you will have only one login for both.

Why can't I reply to threads?
Every time we allow registered users to communicate, the forums get filled up with negative energy, stupid fights, people asking to screw the girls, making rude comments if they have flaws, promoting similar websites and just basically filling the place up with crap. We feel the vibe stays more positive and mellow without all of that. We do not want our message being distorted and belittled because some punk doesn't play well with others. It's unfortunate that immature users need to mess it up for everyone else. We are constantly thinking of ways to get around that, but with the nudity issue, it brings a lot of drama.
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