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<a href="http://www.420girls.com/420/forums/interviews/showthread.php?t=185"><img align="left" src="http://www.420girls.com/affiliates/banners/420-girls-logo-white-150.jpg" border="0" style="margin-right:6px" alt="420 Girl - Janie Sativa" /></a> Janie Sativa is a 420 Girl from Santa Cruz, California who says, "Mostly, I just smoke to relax at the end of the day, but sometimes I have personal realizations about important issues in my life that help me understand myself better and make the best choices I can for myself".

Janie says says, "I think Marijuana should be legal because it poses no real danger to those who smoke it nor to the rest of society. Marijuana has been scientifically proven to be a phenomenal medication for many diseases and disorders."

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Age: 19, Height: 5' 7", Weight: 125, Bust: 38A, Waist: 32, Hips: 38, Hair: Auburn, Eyes: Light Brown, Birthplace: Northampton, Massachusetts, Residence: Santa Cruz, California, Occupation: Zoology Student and Stoner

How often do you smoke?
I smoke about three times a day, usually in the evening while I relax and watch a good movie or hang out online in my favorite forums and chatrooms.

What do you like to do when you get high?
When I get high, I like to play Japanese fighting games on my XBox360, listen to music, or watch a good movie.

What is your wildest 420 fantasy?
My wildest 420 fantasy is to smoke an entire ounce, all in one sitting with one of my bestfriends from my high school. I know that doesn't seem like much of a fantasy, but it is for me. I like to challenge myself and see how much I can smoke!

Do you smoke Marijuana for any medicinal purpose?
I am a medical cannabis user. I smoke marijuana for bipolar disorder, ADD and to stimulate healthy eating habits. There is nothing like the way a marijuana high can dissolve my lousy feelings, help me focus and remind me to eat three big meals each day. Marijuana eases my mind and calms my condition better than any medication or therapy --and it's all natural!

Do you own anything made from Hemp?
I do not own anything made from hemp, although I highly support purchasing hemp clothing and hemp notebooks. About six months ago I dyed my hair with a hemp based hair color.

What's your favorite munchie when you're high?
My favorite munchie when I'm high is chocolate. I love brownies, especially. I also love to go get a nice stack of pancakes from a breakfast restaurant... I love anything sweet like syrup when I'm high.

What's the best bud you've ever had?
The best bud I've ever had is called Morning Star. I have never been able to purchase it anywhere except for a certain club in San Francisco. It is a gold cup winning strain that's a fine mix between indica and sativa. It gives you that calm, restorative feeling of indica while the sativa keeps you from nodding off and gets those munchies going!

What is your favorite thing about Marijuana?
My favorite thing about marijuana is its ability to give clarity to the mind about personal affairs and decisions. It can also be highly spiritual, bringing your mind to a higher state of consciousness and being. My absolute favorite thing about marijuana however, is how it can make me laugh like a hyena for more than a good ten minutes straight, leaving a permanent smile on my face for the next several hours.

What is your favorite method of smoking?
My favorite method of smoking is through a big, glass bong. I love water pipes in general. I also love homemade bongs... The biggest and best rips I've ever taken were off of a homemade bong constructed out of piping and a sun tea maker.

What is your favorite stoner movie?
My favorite stoner movies are Half Baked and Super Troopers. However, I really enjoy movies with deep meaning and a lot of emotion. I love to watch the movie, "Blow" when I get high, and another personal favorite is "The Lord Of War."

Other than this, have you done anything else for the cause?
I choose not to purchase or drink alcohol because alcohol companies contribute to and are a leading factor in keeping marijuana illegal. These companies are the leading lobbyists against legalizing marijuana and have a definite stronghold in politics. I choose not to place my dollar with them. Where we put our money is the most powerful political statement we can make.

Who is your favorite 420 Band?
My favorite 420 band is Third Eye Blind. They don't necessarily create music about marijuana, but I find their guitar riffs and the lead singer's voice to be majestic when stoned. My favorite 420 musical artist that sings about marijuana is the rapper, Ludicrous. I love his lyrics about getting stoned and smoking bud.

If you could state our case to the President, what would you say?
If I could state our case to the president, I would say, "Mr. President, please consider our request that marijuana posession, cultivation and influence be decriminalized. Please recognize the need of the chronically ill who's pain is lessened by the cannabis plant. As science can prove, it is an extraordinary medicine for people in both mental and physical pain. It is not fair to criminalize a medication that helps the terminally ill in such a vast array of ways. This is not about the thirteen year old boy who skips school to smoke pot and gets bad grades --this is about a medication that serves hundreds of thousands of people everyday and has less side-effects than conventional western drugs. Please hear our plea, Mr. President, and legalize marijuana as an act of presidential compassion for the chronically ill Americans of the United States."

What was the funniest thing that happened to you while you were high?
The funniest thing I've encountered while high occured on a trip with some friends. We were on our way to a robotic technology museum. When we arrived at our destination, we snuck down to the bottom of the stairwell in the parking garage. We roped incredibly fat bowls under the stairs until we heard a security guard looking around because he smelled the smoke. My friends dashed off without me and I was left alone and very high in a city I wasn't familiar with. I exited the parking structure and discovered an arts faire going on outdoors in a centrally located park. There were police on horses, "horse-cops," we called them. Anyway, I became so convinced that the "horse-cops" were after me for being high that I ran back into the parking garage and hid under a Honda CRV for more than two hours! When I met up with my friends, it turned into an immediate laughing fest... At me, for being so ridiculous! I will always laugh about that!

Is there anything you would like to say to our viewers?
Did you know Americans have the lowest voter turnout of any first world/industrialized country? A larger percentage of Iraqis showed up to vote for their political leaders than Americans showed up to vote for president. It is important that we vote every chance we get, support political leaders who are for the legalization of marijuana or at least recognize the medical benefits for patients with chronic illnesses. It is important to sign petitions, write letters to politicians and make sure to vote every chance we get.

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