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Please welcome this saucy little 20 year old from Maryland, Mallory Knots who says, "Most importantly, I smoke Marijuana to enhance my creativity." Watch Mallory doing bong rips and puffing pipes.

Age: 20, Height: 5' 6", Weight: 120, Bust: 36D, Waist: 26, Hips: 34, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Lt Brown, Birthplace: Heidelberg, Germany, Residence: Bullshit, MD, Occupation: Bondage Diva/Model/Poet

What is the Best Bud You Ever Smoked?
Hmm, three that I can think of: Bubbleberry, Super Sour Diesel, and Afghani Kush, though I was mighty impressed with some Oregon Gold I had two years back as well.

What is Your Favorite Munchie When You're Stoned?
Mmmm, munchies Mango sorbet, strawberry banana smoothies, kettlecorn.

How Often Do You Smoke?
As often as I can! However, there is such a thing as smoking too much herb (I know, I know, how could I say that?!). Most important time is first-thing in the morning wake-n-bake, baby! I also smoke after I eat, as it helps calm my stomach, which is fairly sensitive. Oh, and whenever I am hanging out with my friends who also blaze.

Do You Own Anything Made From Hemp?
Abso-fuckin-lutely. Not only am I a maker of hemp jewelry, I also have a hemp belt I made myself and a hemp guitar strap. When I was a vegan I bought a pair of the hemp Adidas shoes, and I also prefer hemp rope to anything else.

What is Your Favorite 420 Band?
Define a 420 band. A band that has most members that smoke or a band that always advocates its use? My fave band is Tool, and I know at least some of those guys smoke, but if it has to meet the latter criteria, I'd have to say 311, they write the greatest jams about marijuana. Fun words and kickass beats.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Marijuana?
No matter where I go I can find somebody else who smokes, I never have a problem scoring some, nor do I have a problem meeting new people while in new places. For me it IS a gateway drug, a gateway to all things interesting and fun, no evil.

Why Do You Smoke Weed?
I smoke the sweet sweet cheeba for a variety of reasons. One, I mean really, why the hell not? *wink* Secondly, I smoke to get lost inside my head. It helps me to think of things in further detail, and I reflect on life much better when I'm high. Third, and most importantly, I smoke marijuana to enhance my creativity. Something about this beautiful green just makes my mind -POP-! I get all kinds of ideas and have a much easier time manifesting my artistic visions. OH! And of course, socialization. Pot is great for breaking the ice, and for meeting new people, so many smoke (of all walks of life) that it's a great doorway to new experiences.

Why Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Legal?
Alcohol is legal. Cigarettes are legal. Alcohol destroys the liver, causes drunk-driving accidents/deaths, and in general makes people assholes (not all, but i have met far more "angry drunks" than "happy" ones), and is a primary contributor to date rape. Cigarettes cause cancer, destroy the lungs, are insanely addictive (not unlike crack) and also harm those innocents around you.

What is Your Favorite Method for Smoking the Herb?
Bubbler I think. Don't get me wrong, I love bongs, but I really like something that fits perfectly in one hand. This way you still can have the water filtration (and that nifty bubbly sound) but it's much more portable.

What Message Would You Like to Deliver to the Other 420 Girls Who Read This?
Um, smoke the dankest you can find, if you're going to be a stoner, do it with class. Oh, and nekkid smoking is always more fun than clothed. *wink*

What is Your Favorite Stoner Movie?
Ack! This is a hard one. Saving Grace and Homegrown, probably. Anybody that hasn't seen Saving Grace, must! I want the lead character to adopt me damnit!

Do you smoke Marijuana for any medicinal purpose?
Actually, yes. I once read that the physical act of smoking was theoretically said to help asthmatics of all people, and as a child I suffered from severe asthma attacks which often led to an ambulance ride to the emergency room. Since I have been smoking the chronic, chronically (haha) I have literally not suffered from even ONE attack that lasted more than a few minutes. Coincidence? Maybe, but I think not.

What Do You Like to Do When High?
Write poetry/lyrics, make beats/write music, paint windows I've ransacked from abandoned buildings, socialize, see live music.

If You Could Tell the President One Thing About Hemp or Marijuana, What Would it Be?
*sigh* I find I have been a bit verbose for the above answers, and pothead that I am, I'm lacking the motivation to repeat myself. Everything I mentioned above, plus I would point out that legalization/decriminalization would lead to enormous financial gain as well as have a tremendous impact on deforestation and *shrug* even crime.

When Did You Lose Your 420 Virginity and What Was it Like?
It was during summer one year. I was in the woods near my house which also run parallel to train tracks. An friend of mine pulled out a big joint, I think it was very good shit, hard to remember, but it tasted delicious. And yes, oh yes, i got VERY high. I just remember extending my arms out like wings and running down the tracks, swooping like some wild bird of prey. Good times, good times.

What Have You Done to Help the Legalization Cause?
Besides advocating its use to damn near everybody I know, including reprimanding family members? (heh) Sure. I once made 420 copies of a document called "The Legalization Manifesto" and put it on every car window on the York College campus in PA. I also take naked picture of myself and friends smoking and plaster them on the internet for grins.

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