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"Best Website EVER. EVER."
- Rolling Stone Magazine

"You gals are out of sight!"
- Christopher Walken

"You ladies are very hot! and we have so much in common...lol"
- Cypress Hill

"We love your 420 Girls - your women are RAD - we need you to model at our tradeshows!"
- Jason Harris, Jerome Baker Designs

"Thanks for all you're doing to help educate people about the wonders of cannabis!"
- Jack Herer

"We need to end marijuana prohibition. Smoking Marijuana should be not a crime, and we need to legalize it. Who will you Vote for President in 2008?"
- Ralph Nader

"420 Girls proves what the Seattle Hempfest has known for years; stoner ladies are the finest in the world!"
- Kevin Black, Seattle Hempfest

"You guys make Myspace what it is! I love you girls!"
- Tom, MySpace

"If you like weed and women then 420Girls.com is the place for you!"
- Craig X Rubin

"Hey you guys rock, thanks for doing what you do. I spark for you."
- Bad Acid Trip

"I can't get to bed without my 420 Girls."
- Arj Barker, The Marijuanalogues

"Sexy lil ladies & ganja...take a toke on this website it's a beautiful thing."
- DJ Monk

"420 Girls..the hottest chix on the net..and they smoke!"
- Scott Rose, Rikets

"Sizzling new website combines Goddesses with Ganja. Entertaining if not Outright Stimulating!"
- Cannabis Culture Magazine

"A shining beacon of originality in a world of adult entertainment heading inexorably towards the universally formulaic."
- Self-Lover's World

"The place to be for pot-loving fans"
- ANV Online

"420 Girls make the world go round! Have you hugged your 420 Girl today?!"
- Chris Lee, Downset / Jodoh

"Respect to the 420 Girls dem hotta dan fiyah! Please don't ever leave us lonely 420 Girls!"

"420 Girls takes the two best things on Earth and combines them to create a pothead's paradise."
-Rhett Dornack, Counter Culture Comics

"Two of the best things on earth combined... beautiful pot smoking women!"
RX Drone, Brooklyn, New York

"Now I know where to find my bride..."
Ray Maniaci' DIARAYA = (Life, Girls, Cheebs)

"You 420 Girls ROCK like a trailer in hurricane!!! And that's why my grandma and I love you."
- jARROD - The Comedian

"The 420 Girls are the best thing to happen to the cannabis culture since High Times was first printed. They help raise awareness in a way that makes us drool...for multiple reasons."
- George, Fort Worth, Texas

"Beautiful Blondes N' Tasty Buds... 2 of the Captains favorite things !!!"
- Maddogs N Glory

"420 Girls are some of the hottest stoner ladies around with some serious Dank Nugs!"
- Kush Kills Clothing

"Buds, Bongs and Babes, ONLY at 420Girls.com"
- Brad, Minnesota

"How can you not love ladies covered in weed?"
- Rex Payne, Hollywood, CA

"Herbs and hotties, How can you go wrong?"
- Scooter, Mukilteo, Washington
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