AR: Competing Marijuana Measures Likely To Face Off In Court


The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act is already on the November ballot. Now, it appears a Medical Marijuana Amendment will join the ballot next week. Having two competing marijuana measures on the ballot may mean that neither one passes, despite the fact that poll numbers reveal the majority of Arkansans support the use of medical marijuana.

Friday, the group behind the cannabis initiative called on the medical marijuana amendment organizers to back down. They brought in six Arkansans to plead their case, each whom has used or helped a family member use medical marijuana. However, even the rally’s organizers know Friday’s effort isn’t going to change anything.

David Couch, who sponsors the competing amendment, said his group would “not be intimidated” by the rally.

Melissa Fults, who organized the rally, said she expected that response.

Neither group is backing down, and it appears the challenge will be inside a courtroom. Both groups are gearing up for lawsuits, hoping only one ballot measure appears in November.

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