FL: Milton Moves Toward Medical Marijuana Moratorium


The Milton City Council on Tuesday took the first of two required votes to impose a six-month moratorium to keep medical marijuana businesses from opening within city limits.

The council is set to take the second vote that would actually impose the moratorium at its meeting next month.

Just like the moratorium being proposed for Escambia County, the Milton moratorium would be implemented to give city planners time to research the new state law that legalizes medical marijuana use for some patients. City officials will have to determine how medical marijuana businesses such as dispensaries would fall within the city’s planning codes.

The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act was passed in 2014 and allows for a small number of patients to have access to non-euphoric medical marijuana treatments. A constitutional amendment on the ballot in November would open up marijuana treatments to a much larger spectrum of patients.

As state law begins to change, distribution companies are vying to be the first to establish footholds in what is likely to become a lucrative industry. At the same time, communities throughout the state are moving to implement moratoriums similar to the one Milton is considering.

Plans for a medical marijuana dispensary in Pensacola were recently announced. For zoning purposes, the city of Pensacola is treating dispensaries the same as pharmacies.

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