WA: Five New Local Marijuana Shops To Open Their Doors Soon


Yakima, WA – As of Monday, people in Yakima are now able to get a marijuana retail license in the city.

To get the license, one must have their state license through the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB).

There are currently only five spots open for retailers. This is because the WSLCB takes the city’s population and then comes up with a set number of locations the city is allowed to have.

This means that only five retailers will be able to actually open a business. They can only do this if they meet all of the requirements, something that the current owner of The Canyon, a marijuana shop in Selah, says is a bit complicated.

“It can be difficult. You have to find landlords that are willing to work for you, and finding a place that is compliant as far as the distance from schools and things of that nature can be difficult,” Mark Henning shared with us, CFO for the Canyon Premier Cannabis Shop.

The five spots in Yakima have already been filled, and although Henning is not among them, he is eighth on the wait list. If any business were to fail, he would get even closer to getting a shop in Yakima.

Henning is also looking at other shops across the state, but for now he runs a recreational and medical shop in Selah.

The City of Yakima told our reporter that some shops could be up and running very soon, while others might take a little longer….it all just depends on the amount of work the building needs and how fast it is able to pass inspection.

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