Medical Marijuana


Having recently been in Colorado Springs, medicinal marijuana supply shops are having a hard time keeping up with the demand. More and more uses are being found for cannabinoids for the treatment of medical illnesses. Finally more politicians are deciding to get the education they need on these pharmaceuticals and are coming to the realization the cannabinoids are definitely helpful in a number of medical illnesses that have not been responsive to more traditional medical treatments.

It is no wonder it takes the U.S. so long to get on board with current medical care not available in our country. After all, we are ranked 37th in the world in medical care. Why would the major pharmaceutical companies want medical marijuana available in all the states, cutting some of their multi-billion dollar narcotics industry down to size? How can we have so many worries about a drug like marijuana when pharmaceutical narcotics on the street are killing people daily?

Legal medical marijuana shops will hopefully gradually eliminate illegal drug dealers who do not care what they’ve cut their drugs with. Street drugs lead to the death of many U.S. citizens. Very often it is our children not mature yet in their thinking who are victims of this. It will be interesting in a few years to measure the economic impact of not having people sitting in penitentiaries, costing us unfathomable millions of tax dollars with usually no rehabilitation programs in place for inmates to benefit from their prison stay.

Taxation on recreational marijuana use is proving to be a large additional source of income to the state of Colorado. Additional benefits will be the removal of sources of income to illegal drug dealers. Perhaps this will help dissuade the use of other illegal street drugs when the legal use of marijuana is permitted.

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