Who Is Getting Medical Marijuana In New York?


Albany, N.Y. – A report by the state Health Department gives the first glimpse of who is getting cannabis through the state’s 9-month-old medical marijuana program.

Number of patients: As of June 15, 4,998 New Yorkers were certified to get medical pot.

Where do they live? About 60 percent live in the New York City area. Here are the Upstate New York counties with the largest number of registered patients: Erie, 295; Ulster, 140, Onondaga, 121: Monroe, 99, and Albany, 66.

How old are they? About 75 percent of patients are 41 and older. Few children are getting medical marijuana. The state has certified 119 children, about 2 percent of all patients eligible to get the drug.

What are their health problems? About 34 percent of certified patients have neuropathy, nerve problems caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and rheumatoid arthritis. People suffering from cancer, the next biggest group, account for about 25 percent of patients. Here’s a breakdown of other patients by their conditions: multiple sclerosis,10 percent; spinal cord injury, 10 percent; epilepsy, 7 percent; inflammatory bowel disease, 7 percent; HIV/AIDS, 3 percent; Parkinson’s, 3 percent; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, 0.66 percent percent; Huntington’s disease, 0.10 percent.

How do they take it? New York does not allow medical marijuana that can be smoked. It is only available in oils and liquids that can be swallowed or vaporized.

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