CO: Cherry Creek Schools Superintendent – People Asking, ‘Where’s The Pot Money?’


Denver – The Cherry Creek Schools Superintendent wants parents to know his district has not received any money from marijuana tax revenue saying in a letter, “People keep asking me, Where’s the pot money?”

Superintendent Dr. Harry Bull expressed his frustration with the current state of school funding in Colorado. In the letter, he said the district is facing a shortfall of more than $20 million for the 2017-2018 school year.

“It’s really important for the public to understand most school districts have seen zero dollars from the marijuana taxes,” said Susan Meek, communications director for Great Education Colorado.

Earlier this year, Denver Public Schools released a video explaining what it called the “myth” of pot tax money.

Under state law, up to $40 million in marijuana tax revenue will go toward capital construction for schools. Dr. Bull explains in the letter that in order to be eligible for the grants, school districts must pass a local bond issue or have matching funds available.

“It is certainly our number one question that we receive when we give presentations. People think that the marijuana taxes solved the school funding problem,” said Meek.

The superintendent went on to say, “So far, the only thing that the legalization of marijuana has brought to our schools has been marijuana.”

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