CO: Palisade Reaches Resolution On Retail Marijuana Ballot Option


Palisade, Colo.

After months of debate, the town of Palisade has officially come to a resolution on submitting new ballot language concerning retail marijuana.

Town officials say they’re hoping this new resolution will give voters a better chance at expressing their thoughts come November.

The main change is that it’s not just going to be a yes or no to the sale of retails marijuana, the town made sure to include all aspects that allowing the sale of retail marijuana would include.

“The town decided to put the ballot measure on themselves so we had some control,” says Palisade Mayor Roger Granat.

After failing by only a few votes last year, the town wanted to make the voting process more clear for voters this time around.

“Questions get on the ballot where if you answer yes, think that that’s the way you want to vote,” says Granat. “It’s actually the opposite.”

But there’s not just one question this time, there’s 5.

Those 5 questions are aiming to giving Palisade voters more power to determine what kind of shops they have lining their main street.

Each question addresses a different aspect of allowing retail marijuana.

The first being, ‘Do you want to allow the sale of retail marijuana?’

Then there will be three different questions concerning the manufacturing, testing, and cultivation of retail marijuana.

The final question will concern an excise tax being placed on the sale of retail marijuana, something town officials say seems to be one of the main reasons people want to see this pass.

“Some of the electors are going to be looking at the benefits of the taxes,” says Granat. “They need to look at it in its entirety.”

They have also determined there will be a six month moratorium if this does pass to get the town prepared for the changes ahead.

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